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Mindfulness, Reflections and Nature

The Benefits of Combining Mindfulness, Reflections and Nature Macquarie University student Sophie Carse interviews Dr Kath McLachlan on Mindfulness, Reflections and Nature. In this episode Sophie and Kath explore the power of reflection, mindfulness and nature as a practice and tool to help reduce stress. This podcast also introduces the research that Macquarie University and […]

The Value of Backyards

COVID-19 Highlights the Value of Backyards to Australians By Ross Wissing  The word culture originally meant ‘to cultivate’, as in to cultivate the soil.  In Western society, gardens have also long been identified as being important in cultivating human health.  Hippocrates, the ‘Father of Medicine’ and author of `On Airs, Waters and Places’, is the […]

Go Slow for a Mo pop-up trail

Getting there Train and walk: Cooper Park is a 15-20 minute walk down the hill from Bondi Junction Railway Station Bus: the nearest bus route is 327 and the stop is Suttie Road opposite Bunna Street Stop ID: 202344 Walk: Multiple pedestrian access points available Public transport schedules: Transport NSW By car: car park available at the end of Bunna […]

The importance of green spaces to meet human needs

Parks & Leisure Australia Free Webinar Ross Wissing provides an exciting overview on his learnings from his PhD ‘portfolio of places’, work with The Connective and Macquarie University’s outdoor national survey. This presentation explores: The relationship between public health and public parks. The relationship between human health and ecological health, and how intelligent planning and […]

Living Lab Nature-Wellness Trail

Macqaurie University Stress Regulator Trail [Click here for Trail Living Lab results] It’s more than a learning and teaching campus. It’s a place that helps to actively supercharge student and staff wellbeing! Designed to help target mental restoration and repair as well as all round nature connection. This trail takes students and staff through a […]

Presenting to the Japan Alumni Community

  Creating Nature Notice Nudges “Thank you for the superb presentation. Your focus on providing data and practical solutions resonated with our group. Following your presentation, a number of  members contacted me directly to express how important the lecture had been for them. It certainly has generated discussion and ‘nudged’ us in the right direction.” […]

Joining the #NatureForAll global movement

The Connective: An official partner of #NatureForAll #NatureForAll is a global movement to inspire love of nature. At its core is a very simple idea: the more people experience and share their love of nature, the more support and action there will be for its conservation.  The growing knowledge base that links connecting with and […]

Responding to COVID-19 – nature as an important health service

Freely available research papers on nature and human health during this time of need The research literature on nature and human health increasingly shows that interacting with nature makes us healthier: it strengthens our immune system, reduces depression, elevates mood, lowers stress, and has shown to improve our mental wellbeing. In these times, it can […]