Mindfulness, Reflections and Nature

The Benefits of Combining Mindfulness, Reflections and Nature

Macquarie University student Sophie Carse interviews Dr Kath McLachlan on Mindfulness, Reflections and Nature.

In this episode Sophie and Kath explore the power of reflection, mindfulness and nature as a practice and tool to help reduce stress. This podcast also introduces the research that Macquarie University and The Connective are undertaking on the health benefits of nature…. exploring ways to qualify and quantify those happy feel-good moments in nature “those goosebumps moments!”

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More information about this research can be found at our LIVING LAB PROGRAM

More information on reflective learning practices:

See Reflection for learning: a scholarly practice guide for educators.  This scholarly practice guide is designed for educators who are interested in supporting reflective practice for  students’ learning and for their own learning and career development, with a range of activities to stimulate deep and creative reflection. 

Harvey, M., Lloyd, K., McLachlan, K., Semple, A., & Walkerden, G. (2020). Reflection for learning: a scholarly practice guide for educators. York: AdvanceHE. https://www.advance-he.ac.uk/knowledge-hub/reflection-learning-scholarly-practice-guide-educators