Researching Nature-Wellness Solutions

A Living Lab Nature-Wellness Research Program was established with Macquarie University in early 2020 to further understand how to supercharge the mental, physical and social benefits of connecting with nature. Working with students and staff we continue to measure changes in stress and wellbeing as part of our campus Nature-Wellness Research Program. Importantly, we seek to research the amplification benefits of nature connection vs nature contact using random control trials. 

Listen to student responses to our Nature-Wellness Trail in this short video   

“I personally came away with an increased appreciation of the incredible power that nature can have on my wellbeing – lowering my stress levels, increasing relaxation. It had a profound effect on me and I would encourage anyone to just try it.”

Medical Student Participant

The findings of the Living Lab can be applied to all types of green spaces, from pocket parks through to national parks, hospitals, workplaces and places of learning. The living lab shows that our solutions work, are cost effective and scalable.

Hearing the birds alone helped me a lot to clear my mind. Implementing this into my week has not been as challenging as I had thought. I think I might do this during the semester as a way to de-stress.”

Student Participant 

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