Our Vision |  Transforming Green Spaces into Wellness Places 

Our professional team of urban planners, landscape architects, anthropologists, ecologists and First Nation custodians are committed to helping people access the health and wellbeing benefits of nature 

COVID has triggered a greater community demand for wellbeing solutions. Up-scaling the health benefits of green spaces is a cost effective answer.  Physiological, cognitive and behavioural research shows that noticing and appreciating nature is much better for our wellbeing than simply spending time in nature.

We offer solutions that ‘nudge’ people to notice nature so that green and blue spaces transform into wellbeing places. Drawing on the latest scientific knowledge and our University research partnerships we can create experiences of happiness, stress-relief, mental clarity, enhanced social connection and care for the environment. 

Individuals will enjoy their green space experience more, improve their health, and feel better about themselves and the community they live in. 

Our solutions are cost effective, scalable and transferable.  Urban or wild; anywhere there is nature we can unlock the benefits. Applicable to council assets, health, education, tourism and corporate sectors.


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Learn more about our Nature-Wellness Trails!

Be part of the change to harness the wellbeing potential of green spaces. We are looking for partners to collaborate on our nature-wellness projects. If you are interested in learning more about or developing a nature-wellness solution for your site, please CONTACT US


Learn more about our Nature-Wellness Trails


See what people are saying

“Thank you. We rarely receive 100% very high rating for workshops so this is a real measure of the all-out appreciation for what and how you presented.”

Willoughby Council

Thank you for the superb presentation. A number of  members contacted me directly to express how important the lecture had been for them. It  certainly has   generated discussion and ‘nudged’ us in the right direction.”

Macquarie University Japan Alumni


 The workshop was beautifully put together. I learnt that I can take time out using all my senses to connect with nature can be done within as little as 10 minutes.”

Canada Bay Council Workshop Participant

The presenters passion in their workshop delivery and their understanding of the many benefits of nature was informative and inspiring.”

Woollahra Council Workshop Participant

We were guided on a beautiful and mindful walk which was different to any other walks I have done before that churn out information. This walk was different. By incorporating sensory interactions using feel, touch, smell and taste, we as participants felt more present with nature.”

Park Ranger, Sydney Olympic Park


We acknowledge that we meet, play, work and live on this wonderful country of Australia, which has been occupied by Aboriginal peoples for thousands of generations. We thank all of the caretakers past and present, for their tending of land, waterways and cultures. We pay our deepest respects to the Elders: past, present and emerging.