Presenting to the Japan Alumni Community


Creating Nature Notice Nudges

“Thank you for the superb presentation. Your focus on providing data and practical solutions resonated with our group. Following your presentation, a number of  members contacted me directly to express how important the lecture had been for them. It certainly has generated discussion and ‘nudged’ us in the right direction.”

Increasing urbanisation, busy lifestyles, screen-based technologies and reduced access to green space have all contributed to the decline in our outdoor living. But in a world where our brains and bodies are working overtime spending time in nature is proving to heal, restore and comfort us. The regenerative benefits of nature now scientifically supported with a body of evidence too compelling to ignore. Nature helps to reduce stress and anxiety, improves our sleeping patterns, pain management and immune function and enhances learning and workplace productivity. As the evidence in this field continues to grow, now time to take the benefits of nature into our learning spaces, workplaces, communities and homes.

In this presentation we drew together the range of studies and growing evidence of nature’s benefits. Introducing the concept of nature connection, the importance of developing nature routines or nature nudges and why this makes us healthier and happier. We emphasised the need to move beyond information or knowledge based nature learning approaches towards sensory and experiential engagement practices that ‘nudge’ us to notice and engage with nature.

This talk provided the Japan and Asian Alumni community with new understandings along with some quick tips, ideas, and practical strategies that can be applied within their own home, community or workplace.

You can download the Japan Alumni Presentation here!