Living Lab Nature-Wellness Trail

Macqaurie University Stress Regulator Trail

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It’s more than a learning and teaching campus. It’s a place that helps to actively supercharge student and staff wellbeing!

Designed to help target mental restoration and repair as well as all round nature connection. This trail takes students and staff through a series of nature connection ‘Nature Nudge’ exercises to help activate the senses, facilitate mindful attention and engage in areas of nature that have a high level of sensory diversity.  By undertaking the trail regularly, participants can expect to see increases in positive mood, emotional regulation, attention restoration and greater resilience to anxiety.

Trail Nature Nudge Stops and Exercises

Living Lab Results

29% increase in nature connectedness within 3 days of using trail.


“For me experiencing the wellness trail and how good I’ve been feeling has been amazing.  How I felt at the start of the week to now – I feel a lot more relaxed and connected with nature. I would definitely encourage students to come with an open mind to this as I have really felt the benefits.”

     Student Participant

Why does this matter..?!

Tuning nature in helps to tune anxiety and depression out!

UK study finds [1] that nature connectedness and engaging with nature through simple activities (as opposed to simply being in nature) emerged as a key aspect to a good life and a significant predictor of reduced anxiety or depression. But the reality is 80% of people reported that they ‘rarely’ or ‘never’ watched wildlife, smelled wild flowers or drew/photographed nature. 62% rarely or never listened to bird song or took a moment to notice butterflies or bees.  ‘Nudging’ people to notice and appreciate nature is a fast track to better wellbeing.

Unlocking the benefits of green space

Supporting self-guided exercises

Enhancing learning and teaching 

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[1] Martin L, White M, Hunt A, Richardson M, Pahl S and Burt J. (2020) Nature Contact, Nature Connectedness and Associations with Health, Wellbeing and pro-Environmental Behaviours’. Journal of Environmental Psychology 68 (April):