Responding to COVID-19 – nature as an important health service

Freely available research papers on nature and human health during this time of need

The research literature on nature and human health increasingly shows that interacting with nature makes us healthier: it strengthens our immune system, reduces depression, elevates mood, lowers stress, and has shown to improve our mental wellbeing.

In these times, it can be simple, such as a walk in the sunshine, or to a nearby park. Listening to birdsong…

Ecopsychology is the only academic peer-reviewed resource that places psychology and mental health in an ecological context to recognise the links between human health, culture, and the health of the planet.

During the COVID-19 health crisis Ecopsychology are making the following empirical research articles freely available.

Nature-Based Physical Recreation Leads to Psychological Well-Being: Evidence from Five Studies

Mindfulness in Nature Enhances Connectedness and Mood

Connection to Nature and Psychological Resilience

The Children and Nature Connection: Why It Matters

Mental Health Recovery and Nature: How Social and Personal Dynamics Are Important

Nature and Exercise Interact to Influence Perceived Restorativeness

Connectedness to Nature is More Strongly Related to Connection to Distant, Rather Than Close, Others