How important are man-made green spaces in cities? Very!

The Connecting Nature Project

Thirty-seven organisations from 19 countries are involved in the Dublin Trinity College led project which seeks to establish Europe as a global leader in rethinking how cities can support and benefit from nature. The Connecting Nature project aims to bring nature back into cities across Europe. The project is led by Dr Marcus Collier of Trinity College. He explaines that the project will co-create city-wide master plans to scale out nature-based solutions and generate funding for them.

This is not just about building climate resilience, it is about transforming cities for future generations.

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Green streets are the way to go!

As the connected problems of climate change and air pollution from traffic make living in cities more hazardous, the health benefits of greening our streets become ever more apparent. Green roofs and walls insulate buildings and lead to energy savings, reduce temperatures outside by absorbing sunlight, and mitigate the urban heat island effect. They also contribute to storm water management by soaking up the rain, remove air pollution, and reduce noise and increase urban biodiversity. To learn more visit: