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How to do it | takes 3-7 minutes

Listen Up! Audio


Listen Up! Text 

Step 1: Find a place with natural sounds: Bird song, wind or moving water.

Step 2: Let your body relax.

Step 3:  Notice the sounds in six directions: to your left and right, front and back, up and down (some people prefer to close their eyes).

Step 4: Now that your ears are turned on, let’s make a sound map.  Notice where the quiet areas are.  Now notice where the noisy areas are.  Imagine the landscape as a sound-map in your mind.  A soundscape! 

Step 5: Sound is present in the landscape for a reason.  Ask yourself why some places on your sound-map are quiet and others louder.  For example, the trees are noisy because they are high enough to catch the wind, there is a road behind you and the traffic is busy, the sports field area is quiet because nobody is playing.

Stay with the sounds as long as you like but aim between 3 -7 minutes.

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