How to do it | takes 2-3 minutes

Smell and Touch  Audio


Smell and Touch Text 

Step 1: Take some time to notice 3 different types of smells around you. It may be easier if you block some of your other senses such as closing your eyes or covering your ears.

Can you smell anything? What might be flowering around you or casting off a scent?

Are there any smells that remind you of places you have been? This may be a fond distant memory or something that happened more recently.   

Step 2: Now take some time to touch at least 2 items; a leaf, a rock, bark or a stick. Notice some of the different types of textures that surround you; some are within hands reach, others under your feet or a short distance away. What do they look like? Image how they might also feel when touched?

Stay with the exercise as long as you like but aim for at least 2-3 minutes.

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