How to do it | takes 2-4 minutes

The Tree & Me Audio


The Tree & Me Text

Step 1: Look at the tree and imagine you are the tree’s mirror. Look from the highest leaves to the roots.

Step 2: Imagine your body moving into its shape (you can move your body or just imagine it).

Step 3: Let your feet become the root system, imagine them sinking into the earth.  If you feel like it, spread your arms like the tree branches as they stretch out for sunlight.

Step 4: Take in the qualities of that tree. For example, the strength of the tree and its ability to bend and flow.

Stay with this exercise as long as you like but try to aim between 2-4 minutes. Try this exercise with other elements of nature around you, rocks, plants, sky or water.

How it will make you feel?

Mimicking nature activates the body senses.  You will experience nature in different ways than just ‘seeing’ or ‘thinking’. Indigenous peoples have used nature mimicry in ceremony and storytelling for millennia as a way to connect and educate. Why not consider the science of “mirror neurons” to learn about how humans and animals copy each other to increase empathy and understanding?  

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