How to do it | takes 2-4 minutes

Focus on Fractals Audio

Focus on Fractals Text

Step 1: Stand or sit in an area where you have good view of an entire tree fern (we have provided a picture of what this looks like).

Step 2:  Take your time to notice the how the entire fern is mostly made up from the same basic shape repeated over and over again. Notice how the large leaves (fronds) of the fern have the same patterns for each leaf.

Step 3: Now look more closely at the leaves and see how they are made up smaller copies of themselves. Now look at the very smallest leaflet on the end. See how they are replicating the same pattern across the frond, leaf and leaflet. 

Step 4: Now move closely to a fern and feel its texture. How does it feel?

Step 5: Look around your immediate area. What other types of repeated patterns can you find?

Stay with viewing patterns as long as you like but aim between 2-4 minutes.

How will it make you feel?

Nature offers a wide range of repeated patterns such as snowflakes, plant leaves, tree branches, forests, ocean waves, river systems, coastlines, clouds and galaxy clusters. EEG (electroencephalogram) and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans of the brain show that when viewing nature’s patterns there is an increase in alpha wave activity and an increase in activity in the part of the brain that regulates our emotions. Doing this exercise will increase calmness, rest and relaxation. It has even been suggested that this exercise has same effect on us emotionally as listening to Beethoven or Brahms!

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