Introductory Workshop

This workshop program designed for adults, workplace staff and the broader community, introduces the benefits of nature, nature connection strategies and its links to health and wellbeing. The workshop model extends beyond information and knowledge based workshops as it actively incorporates and promotes experiential and sensory learning techniques.

“The workshop was beautifully put together. I learnt that I can take time out using all my senses to connect with nature can be done within as little as 10 minutes.”  

– Canada Bay Council Workshop Participant

This introductory workshop provides participants with easy to use nature connection strategies and techniques to enable on going connection practices within their own home, workplace, learning space and community.  Held in a natural bush land setting these proven strategies are tailored to your needs and cover mindfulness techniques, sensory engagement, connections with local ecological and heritage values, environmental stewardship and connection to place principles.

Throughout the workshop, the benefits of nature on mental, physical and social wellbeing are explored as part of workshop delivery. Additionally, all participants are provided with a take home Nature-Wellness Pack – providing a comprehensive overview on the evidence-led benefits of nature along with activities, tips and strategies to help maximise access to those benefits.

The program is fun and relaxing way to connect with self or others in your community or as a wonderful team building exercise within your workplace.

Attributes of workplace sustainability and the introduction to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals can also be incorporated into the design of program delivery as staff workplace training.

“The presenters passion in their workshop delivery and their understanding of the many benefits of nature was informative and inspiring.”

– Woollahra Council Workshop Participant 

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