Workshop for Practitioners

This two-day intensive train the trainer workshop program is designed for educators, planners, policy makers and facilitators; providing an overview on the collective benefits of nature, practical hands-on strategies for forging connections, applications and design within the built environment and links to policy and planning.

This program will provide you to with:

An understanding of the collective benefits of nature for mental, physical and social wellbeing and as an important facilitator of stewardship behaviours, both socially and environmentally

Practical nature connection solutions and strategies that can be adopted to your places of learning, the workplace, the home and the broader community

An understanding of the benefits of nature within the built environment, biophilic design, and the conscious and sub-conscious relationships that we have with nature and nature-inspired design

Practical approaches of how nature-led solutions can be incorporated into policy and planning e.g. United Nations Sustainable Developments Goals and Building and Infrastructure Rating Systems

The workshop will outline proven routines of nature connection in a way that can immediately apply in your work.  In addition to practicing the core routines we discuss “connection templates” from both local and international work.

The workshop is largely practice based.  We investigate natural spaces through common “human-nature relationships”.  These gateways create connection which is turn leads to well-researched wellbeing benefits.  Our location will be transformed in to a connective landscape as we get out of our ruts, engaging our least used senses and experiencing the wellbeing benefits of nature surroundings in new ways.

In addition to the theory, you can expect to enjoy a combination of hands-on activities; connecting with others, sensory awareness concepts, silent movement, landscape tracking, working with encounters with animals, some traditional skills, and dynamic storytellers mind, sit spot and advanced sit spot practices.

In our experience, those already working with people and natural environments enjoy using these tools; some will be new, some will be a ‘connection tweak’ to what you are already doing.

“I believe my understanding of human-nature relationships has been extended and developed into a deeper understanding. This has occurred through the range of the activities that I was thoroughly engaged in throughout the weekend course. These activities offered me the opportunity to see nature in a different perspective and not just use it for adventure based activities.”

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