Transforming Green Spaces into Rejuvenation Places

It’s no longer just a walk in the park… creating meaningful moments in nature to amplify and supercharge the wellbeing benefits of nature. 

Physiological, cognitive and behavioural research shows that noticing and engaging with nature is much better than spending time in nature. Being outside is good, but meaningful moments in nature is even better! Importantly, the research also shows that the types of activities we do in nature matter more than the amount of time spent; where the more meaningful the engagement is the more profound the benefits.

Our Research:

Our interdisciplinary research team aims to explore ways to access and maxmise the health benefits of nature. The team draws lessons from our own in-house survey and research of user preferences of outdoor environments and greenspace design, and from our Living Lab research program. Adopting a interdisciplinary and cross-sector research approach, we work alongside industry groups, government, practitioners and the community to provide access to applied research, evaluation and development capability. Learn more.

Our NatureFix Trail and Training Program:

Using the latest scientific evidence we have designed over 50 short sensory outdoor activities that improve health and wellbeing. Helping to equip individuals with skills to help them thrive. Urban or wild, we help to unlock the wellbeing benefits of any type of greenspace. Learn more.