Transforming Green Spaces into Wellness Places

It’s not just a walk in the park… noticing and appreciating nature is the key to supercharging the wellbeing benefits of nature. 

Physiological, cognitive and behavioural research shows that noticing nature is much better than spending time in nature. Using the latest scientific evidence in our CONNECT database we provide daily sensory exercises in nature to improve health and wellbeing.  Where we can target and tailor nature-based exercises across mental, physical or social health.  With as little as 10 minutes of exercises per day we equip people with skills to help them thrive.

Our professional team of nature connection specialists help make our green spaces work harder, working with you to: 

  • Create nature-wellness zones and trails to improve individual mental and physical wellbeing and social connection
  • Integrate the science of connection into master planning and green and blue space design
  • Provide training using our wellness toolkits or workshop programs designed for individuals, planners, health professionals, policy makers and practitioners
  • Provide proven activities that encourage people to value local parklands, bushland reserves and biodiversity 
  • Deliver evaluation tools to monitor user rates, changes in wellbeing and feedback recordings with the option to undertake more rigorous research working with partnered tertiary research institutes

Urban or wild, we help to unlock the wellbeing benefits of nature.