When life is moving to fast… Time to Go Slow for a Mo!

Take 5 minutes to Go Slow for a Mo with a rejuvenating nature experiences that will refresh your mood, energy and focus.  Creating short slow moments for big health impacts in a park near you!

Our Go Slow for a Mo’ Trails are physical or digital installations that self-guide individuals through short sensory outdoor exercises proven to improve mental, physical and social wellbeing. These exercises can be a single rejuvenation break or as a series of linked station stops exercises as part of a longer trail.  

How it Works

We conduct a site assessment to match the right type of exercises to your site and help you to install your trail using our professionally designed physical signage, QR Codes and/or Google Map trails. Trails also come with embedded evaluation and user reports based on the latest research.

Importantly these exercises can be applied in all types of green spaces. With over 50 exercises on offer, we help to transform green spaces into wellness places. We can install our trails in local parks, botanic gardens, public board walks, national parks through to schools or university campuses, hospitals, aged care and the workplace.

But you don’t have to take our word for it… hear what students have to say about our trail at Macqaurie University campus in this short video!