Applying Nature’s Benefits

Our workshops and training programs are designed for educators, planners, policy makers and facilitators interested in applying the health and place appreciation benefits of nature. Providing an overview on the collective benefits of nature, practical hands-on strategies and design ideas that can be applied within your workplace and the built environment, including links to policy and planning.

This training covers:

  • An introduction to the collective benefits of nature for mental, physical and social wellbeing and as an important facilitator for place appreciation and increased care for the local community and natural environment
  • An introduction of nature-based design and biophilic design; our conscious and sub-conscious relationships that we have with nature and how this can be optimised through design
  • Practical applications that can be adopted within your workplace, home or the broader community, with case studies
  • Evaluation tools that be readily incorporated into program and infrastructure design, linking to existing planning instruments e.g. United Nations Sustainable Developments Goals and Building and Infrastructure Rating Systems  

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