Nature-Wellness Masterplan Design

In order to achieve the restorative effects of nature, green spaces must be designed in a way that can cater to and address our cognitive and emotional functions. Additionally, green spaces are critical places helping to improve our liveability through reduced pollution and heat stress, increasing opportunities for social interactions with family and friends and enhancing biodiversity values through habitat availability for a variety of wildlife.

The wellbeing benefits of nature are amplified when nature connection activities are matched with good green and blue infrastructure design. We offer advice on design templates that amplify the health and wellbeing benefits of nature. E.g., templates that simulate “refuge” in relation to stress reduction nudges, or that enhance “micro views” for attention restoration.

Our templates are informed by biophilic design principles, the science of keystone nature interactions, and our research surveys of users preferences in green space design.

Our CONNECT database correlates nature interactions with wellness pathways using the latest scientific evidence. Where we can tailor nature connection interactions for different wellbeing outcomes across social, mental, and physical health. Our database can be used to customise the design of Nature-Wellness Trails or masterplan design.

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