Workplace wellness: connecting to nature, community and place

Nature-based solutions to workplace sustainability, wellbeing and productivity

TONI&GUY Balmain hair salon has been reviewing their business plan based on economic return and best-practice business planning while also adopting a holistic sustainable business model drawing on nature-connection and placemaking strategies. Extending their reach, the salon is exploring the benefits of nature-based approaches to staff and client health and wellbeing, the importance of ethical and community values, as well as respecting and caring for the natural environment. Specifically the salon is:
  • Incorporating biophilic design natural elements and placemaking attributes. Adding natural elements such as water, earth, wood and fire as well as plants and nature-based imagery within the salon.
  • Undertaking practical training on the personal health and productivity benefits associated with nature-based workplace elements. With staff participating in experiential learning and nature-connection workshops held in nearby natural environments.
  • Integrating sustainability business solutions with practical applications. The appreciation of the natural world is brought into the workplace through adoption of environmental stewardship practices and business sustainability.
  • Extended community environmentally sustainable reach. Participating in community community and environmental stewardship projects, networks and initiatives such to build community awareness of the importance of community and individual wellbeing and environmental issues.
It’s been a really important process for us as a team here at TONI&GUY Balmain to go through this salon transformation collectively. All the staff have contributed in some way to the vision and aspiration that we are trying to create here. It has been a really engaging process that has helped to bring the team together. It has created an important foundation that we look to build upon with our team and the broader Balmain community. We are all excited by what may come next.

Jacinta Ly, Balmain Salon co-owner

This work has been completed with the support from Biophilic Design

As part of The Connective initiative.

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