Why does my child need to go to a club to hang out in nature?

The team from the Educated by Nature are listening to what children want. Where they are hearing time and time again that children are yearning and are desperate for space to explore, build, play and connect with each other, with nature and with themselves. They simply want time to be in their own world away from business, schedules and structure.

The Educated by Nature after school program has evolved over the years through observation, and in support of the children’s needs and expectations. Developing programs based on what children really want, and what their actions have told them what they really need, which is very different from the program adults (and society) generally think children want.

To learn more about this wonderful program visit Bush Inventors’ Club – Perth After School Program

Educated by Nature has also developed a wonderful array of short videos to help share theirs and others stories and experiences as part of their Campfire Conversations. Here’s a taste of what you might learn.. such as the simple joy of whittling and the many associated benefits this has on children’s growth and development.