Researching new ways to connect people to nature: a special collection

How scientists are looking to nature to solve our environmental problems

Following on the World Environment Day (June 5) “connecting people to nature” the Elsevier’s Analytical Services has pulled together a series of related research collection including research on informing policy, links to social science, relatively new concepts such as nature-based solutions and how research is connecting people to nature.

Quotes taken from the article include:

“When people are ignored and conservation measures are put in, we see opposition, conflict and often failure. These problems require the best available evidence, and that includes having both natural and social scientists at the table.”

“(Nature-based solutions) offer opportunities for encouraging mainstreaming of environmental targets into sectors in policy, business and practice that might not traditionally consider or value the environment, thereby strengthening the potential for strong sustainability in decision making.”

You can access the full article at:

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