What We Do

We are a multidisciplinary team of urban planners, project managers, landscape architects, ecologists, anthropologists, researchers, community engagement and nature connection specialists. We are committed to helping people fully realise the health benefits of nature across our mental, physical and social wellbeing. Providing individuals and their communities with opportunities to access:

  • The latest nature-wellbeing research
  • Nature-connection training and engagement programs
  • Biophilic and nature-based masterplan design, and
  • Nature wellness planning solutions (e.g. Nature-Wellness Trails)

We correlate nature interactions with wellness pathways using the latest scientific evidence in our CONNECT database. Where we can target and tailor nature connection interactions for different wellbeing outcomes across social, mental, or physical health.  

Think of nature whether it be in remote, rural or urban area as an untapped resource able to provide a myriad of wellbeing benefits.  As nature connection specialists, our work aims to provide individuals and communities with evidence-led tools and strategies to better connect with and maximise the benefits of nature. 

To learn more about our nature-based services, please CONNECT.