Nature-Wellness Trails and Zones

Whether it be your backyard, local park, streetscape, the design of these places – the green spaces – have a critical role in shaping the way communities are able to engage with nature. 

Our Nature-Wellness Trails and Zones are physical or digital installations that connect a series of connection Nature Nudges for wellbeing outcomes across mental, physical and social health. The zones can be a single wellness break or a series of linked stops as part of a Nature-Wellness trail. 

Our zones and trails are scalable and transferable across a range of built and natural environments and infrastructure. These can be applied within local government public spaces, botanic gardens, public board walks, national parks through to school or university campuses, hospitals, aged care and the workplace.

  • Our CONNECT database correlates nature interactions and the type of nature available with wellbeing (see below). 
  • Trials and Zones can be retrofitted to existing natural and built environments or we can design ‘enriched nature’ environments that we know amplify nature’s benefits.
  • Through our research and research partnerships we offer monitoring and evaluation methods.
  • We can provide Nature-Wellness kits that are ready to install, tailored to the location through site assessment.

Our CONNECT Database

Our CONNECT database correlates nature interactions with wellness pathways using the latest scientific evidence. Where we deliver purposeful nature-based sensory exercises for different wellbeing outcomes across social, mental, or physical health. Our database is used to customise the design of Nature-Wellness Trails and Zones and can be used to inform masterplan design.

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