Nature’s Benefits: Talks and Information Sessions

Research shows that positive nature-inspired experiences have direct benefits on our health, wellbeing, learning abilities, workplace productivity and care for the natural environment.  As the evidence in this field continues to mature it is now time to take the benefits of nature into your own learning space, workplace, home and community.

Tailored to your needs, our presentations and information sessions draw together the range of studies and the ever-growing evidence of the interactions and benefits that nature has on our sustained attention, cognitive and motor functions, self-esteem, self-discipline, interest and enjoyment in learning, physical health and mental wellbeing, healing and immune function and environmental care.

Our presentations introduce the concepts of nature connection, the importance of developing nature connection habits or core routines and why developing connections with our community and places makes us healthier and happier. We emphasise the need to move beyond traditional information or knowledge based nature learning instruments towards sensory and experiential engagement practices that enable us to connect.

In addition to nature connection strategies, our presentations introduce and explore the principles, benefits and applications of biophilic design as an important design strategy that can bring nature into our built environments.

No matter what the talk focus is, you will always leave with new understandings along with a toolbox of proven ideas, strategies and practical applications that can be applied in your own home, community or workplace.

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