Installations for Nature Connection

Whether it be your backyard or local park, the design of these places – the green spaces – have a critical role in shaping the way communities are able to connect with nature. In order to achieve the restorative effects of nature, green spaces must be designed in a way that can cater to and address our cognitive and emotional functions. Additionally, green spaces are critical places helping to improve our liveability through reduced pollution and heat stress, increasing opportunities for social interactions with family and friends and enhancing biodiversity values through habitat availability for a variety of wildlife.

Emerging research on the important role of the more “enriched” environments – those more complex environments that have multiple diverse elements of interest, especially natural-like habitats – is proving to be a critical attribute helping to improve our health and wellbeing. Well designed green spaces prompts us to engage and be active, helps our brains to be cognitively healthy, makes us happier and strengthens our immune system.

Biophilic designed green spaces to enhance nature connection experiences. Incorporating elements of running water, sensory variables including touch, smell and texture, natural materials drawing on wood and stone, garden design connections that follow natural patterns and processes using curves and garden ‘rooms’ inviting refuge areas that provide curiosity and awe. Provides places and spaces to enhance nature connection and socialising experiences to help you stop, laugh and relax. 

Our interdisciplinary team of urban planners, psychologists, resilience and connection specialists provide:

Biophilic Design for Nature Connection:- working with your landscaper or landscape architect to provide advice on garden or landscape design to enhance nature connection experiences.

Nature Connection Wellbeing Installations:- working with your existing public green space we can design nature connection installations.

We draw from our evidence-led proprietary CONNECT process and database which optimises public spaces for maximum health, wellbeing and ecosystem and social stewardship benefits. Our services range from design advice through to full supply and installation of our customised nature connection programs – including tailored nature connection strategies, associated health and wellbeing benefits, monitoring and evaluation program and installed public signage to encourage engagement. More comprehensive evaluation programs on use and benefits also available through our research institute partnership with Macquarie University.

“We now have our own oasis, a little piece of tranquillity that we enjoy and admire daily. We have noticed that after spending time in the garden we feel more composed, connected and relaxed. It has become a bit of a talking point with those that come to visit.”

– Trish and John, NSW Central Coast 

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