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Joining the #NatureForAll global movement

The Connective: An official partner of #NatureForAll #NatureForAll is a global movement to inspire love of nature. At its core is a very simple idea: the more people experience and share their love of nature, the more support and action there will be for its conservation.  The growing knowledge base that links connecting with and […]

Responding to COVID-19 – nature as an important health service

Freely available research papers on nature and human health during this time of need The research literature on nature and human health increasingly shows that interacting with nature makes us healthier: it strengthens our immune system, reduces depression, elevates mood, lowers stress, and has shown to improve our mental wellbeing. In these times, it can […]

Creating Nature Connections within City Landscapes – Workshop Program for Adults

The Connective’s Nature Connection Workshop Program This workshop program introduces the concept of nature connection and its links with the local natural environment, people’s health, wellbeing and impacts on personal productivity. Workshop participants are provided with the opportunity to learn techniques to enable on going nature connection practices.  The three hour program is held in […]

Connecting Nature Connection Activities in Australia (Report)

Connecting Nature Connection Activities in Australia The Connective worked with Claire Colahan, Research Internship, Master of Environmental Management, University of NSW Sydney the Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute and the IUCN #NatureForAll to support the development of the Connecting Nature Connection Activities in Australia Report. Connecting people with nature to foster enduring environmentally-sensitive behaviour has become a […]

Working with the Biophilic Design Initiative (Australia)

Biophilic Design Initiative Launch The Connective is pleased to be part of the Biophilic Design Initiative Committee. The Living Future Institute Australia (LFIA) has launched the Biophilic Design Initiative to provide education and knowledge sharing opportunities, to inspire built environment professionals, and reconnect everyone with nature to improve our daily lives. BIOPHILIC DESIGN is the […]

Workplace wellness: connecting to nature, community and place

Nature-based solutions to workplace sustainability, wellbeing and productivity TONI&GUY Balmain hair salon has been reviewing their business plan based on economic return and best-practice business planning while also adopting a holistic sustainable business model drawing on nature-connection and placemaking strategies. Extending their reach, the salon is exploring the benefits of nature-based approaches to staff and […]

Linger longer: It’s better for your mental health

Nature in its unkempt state! The remedy to an urban population’s mental health is a bit of a paradox: It’s nature in its unkempt state. Research tells us that these looser pockets of green increase calm and concentration. But how do we incorporate these elements into routinely primped and pruned green spaces? Research shows that […]

Audio: shinrin yoku – forest nature therapy

Forest Bathing With a focus on slowing down and awakening the senses, this restorative wellness practice involves a series of guided invitations to help relax, slow down, become present and make contact with nature (no actual bathing involved). Forest bathing originated in Japan, where it is called ‘shinrin yoku’, which literally translates as taking in […]

Managing risks – when you want to say “Be careful…!”

“Be Careful…!” Learning to manage risk is an important part of children’s development. Often we instinctively shout out “Be careful!” when children move towards areas of risk – sometimes there is real reason for alarm. Sometimes there isn’t. This article provides a wonderful overview on the different types of risk children often face and ways […]